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Enterprise IT Solutions

First and foremost, We are devout IT Consultants, we seek to augument (not replace) our client's current ecosystem. We work to advocate for our clients and assess which technologies best fit with their current environment and align with their long term organizational goals and objectives

Solutions List

Business Applications

Our consultants are experts in customization and deployment of Business Applications and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which allows you to perform business functions, give real time data and analysis of business operations and to measure and increase overall business productivity. We deliver transformative digital solutions to modernize our customer’s legacy applications and IT infrastructure. We also assist in leveraging new working practices; from handling culture change, providing agile coaching and digital delivery services such as cloud, automation and mobile to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer’s business.


Your network has become a critical component in the daily operations of your organization, both inside and outside of your four walls. Requirements are not only for “always on” access, but “always fast” as well.
As more applications and services vie for bandwidth resources, the harder this can be to achieve. Many vendors would lead you to believe the only answer to this challenges a complete network overhaul. And while it is important to evaluate the viability of older hardware for replacement, without the proper assessment of configurations, layouts, and resource utilization, you may end up investing in technology you really don’t need.
This is very common in situations where a network has grown “organically,” being changed and altered over time to meet short term needs. In this case, an assessment and plan for the reallocation or re-architecture of network resources may be able to address many of the issues. Whether you are planning to overhaul your network, fix performance issues, or just get a better grasp of your current network layout, our team of experts can help with.


Our team of cybersecurity experts, including proven developers, solution architects, and key management personnel, bring an established track record for delivering agile, game-changing cyber security solutions to you overall IT infrastructure.


All enterprises are not created equal. They are unmatched in number of users, volume of data and unique regulatory and security needs. We use agile DevOps approaches to rapidly evolve commercially available software solutions to deliver on personnel, logistics, security and command and control requirements. We employ delivery models including agile software development methodologies for continuous integration, delivery and sustainment of IT solutions for our clients. Leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and similar techniques.


As digital assets and data requirements continue to grow in both importance and quantity, the underlying technology on which they are powered and stored has become a critical consideration of your organization.
We deliver differentiated services and solutions to maximize your company’s IT investment in infrastructure. Let our team assist you with identifying, designing, and deploying the right Data Center technologies to ensure reliable and efficient access to your structured and non-structured data. Through thorough analysis of your existing environment, we can identify bottlenecks from the hosts, through the fabric, to the enterprise storage, and ultimately assist your IT staff on addressing focus areas and mitigate potentials risks.
We can help classify and tier your workloads to ensure proper service levels within the Data Center. Expertise with the industry’s leading compute, storage, and data protection offerings enable our team to provide reliable and forward-thinking solutions.

IP Security Systems & Solutions

We take IP, security and surveillance systems to the very next level. From Unified communications, Video Surveillance and Analytics, Intrusion Detection, Power Management System, Fire & Life Safety, Integrated Access Control, Identity Card/Photo Badging, Perimeter Security, Alarm, Telephone Entry Systems, IP Voice and Video Solution and so much more
Once it's IP based, then count us in!!
Our consultants combine in-depth business knowledge and technical expertise to offer IP led solutions that enable you to respond to the challenges inherent in a fast paced economic environment. The IP led solutions are sharply focused on leveraging time-tested solution accelerators already deployed across a huge client base.

Location Based Services

PatriQ & Alberts Limited offer the following LBS -
Fleet Management: GPS Asset tracking platform for the transportation industry.
Security: Whether protecting a person, place or thing, our security solution can help
Oil & Energy: Our platform can help keep your workers safe and optimize efficiency in drilling, pipeline inspection, construction and maintenance operations
Government: Our location-based services solution have a variety of tracking applications for government use that can be specifically designed for any agency. 
Child Protection: With our child tracking system, parents and childcare providers can locate and retrieve children quickly should they wander off, get lost or be abducted.
Construction: Track vehicles and assets during workday and when in storage. Increase efficiency and reduce theft and waste.
Elderly Care: Hospitals can maintain constant contact with an elderly adult with special health conditions and get alert to enable prompt response during emergency.
​Insurance: Insurance companies often lower rates for fleets equipped with GPS tracking system.
Our report engine can generate detailed analytics and stats about driving habits to ensure drivers are operating safely.


We stock an extensive range of IT products from all the major OEMs, ranging from Laptops, Workstations, high end Desktops,  Servers and Stotrage device, and network devices.
Our services include sales of a wide range of products, accessories and solutions from top-class manufacturers.
Availability/Lead-time-to-deliver - taking advantage of relationship with our suppliers and our excellent supply chain management process. We keep most products in stock and provide off the shelf sale which aids our ability to deliver orders on time.
Customisation of products – our deep relationships with OEMs gives us to the flexibility to provide customer- specific configured system.
Warranty support and a quicker turnaround for faulty items.
Knowledge and capability to engage the key players in major segments of the Nigerian economy.
Overall Technology and management expertise.

Internet & Hosting Service

We keep your business connected with reliable and scalable Internet solutions that can grow with your business. Whether you are in a metropolitan or a suburban area, you can almost immediately connect your business to the Internet without having to wait any longer.
And when it comes to cloud computing, network infrastructure is key. We offer businesses premium Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that gives you a wide choice of platforms (physical and virtual) in a variety of operating systems – on demand and always on.
You no longer have to install and manage expensive on-site infrastructure. You can get all the capacity, technology, security and flexibility you need from us. We provide you with network power, excellent value, reliable service and constant innovation.

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