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IT Service Management

Maintaining a strong IT department is challenging, as organizations seek to deliver new business value, respond to technological and regulatory change, and manage ever-escalating costs. IT Service Management (ITSM) helps integrate business and IT goals, measure organizational effectiveness and demonstrate return on investment. By aligning infrastructure, people and processes, ITSM can improve efficiency, drive results and mitigate risk.

PatriQ & Alberts Limited provides the appropriate level of ITSM support to correspond with your exact IT infrastructure environment — we can meet you at any stage of the project and at any stage of your ITSM initiative.
Each of our offerings can be applied to the phases and processes of the ITIL service life cycle, as we provide a continuum of services designed to support any stage of an ITSM implementation. Our services include:

  1. ASSESSMENT AND CONSULTING SERVICES - An assessment of your current processes or functions provides a greater understanding of where you are today and allows you to define where you want to go in the future. An assessment can also clarify the relationship between the business and IT, leading to improved operational efficiency. We take a tactical approach to our assessments, designing current state and future state reports, recommendations and findings, gap analysis, and action plans that can result in training services or awareness sessions. 
  2. IMPLEMENTATION & ENABLEMENT SERVICES - Based on the outcome of our assessment or as a standalone approach, we provide a range of solutions, delivered to the right service level for your business. We offer implementation planning, process design, build, transition, and go-live and training support. Our learning solutions include the development of onboarding programs and ongoing investment in developing internal competencies and maturation. 
  3. MAINTENANCE/SUSTAINMENT SERVICES & CONTINUOUS SERVICE IMPROVEMENT - Once ITSM services are implemented, we can ensure compliance with internal business and external governance requirements, as well as design contingency plans to help mitigate potential risks that may arise. Our maintenance/sustainment services and continuous service improvement services allow our clients to improve the quality and consistency of ITSM implementation.

How we drive business outcome

  1. COMPREHENSIVE OFFERING - We offer thought leadership on ITSM. ITIL looks at addressing the people and process challenges that companies face. Our practice is based upon the ITIL life cycle approach to service management, addressing the people and process challenges that companies face. Our experienced team members are certified in ITIL and ISO-20000, plus other pertinent certifications such as Six Sigma and IT Governance. Our customer reach and exposure—both large and small engagements and in all industries—give us the ability to offer a wide breadth of experience that can also hone in on industry-specific issues.
  2. DEDICATED PRACTICE - We can scale in both size and scope. Our partnerships enables us to ramp up teams quickly based on changing client needs, providing a two-person team to a 50-person team. We can also scale in breadth of implementation, helping clients with project-based (i.e., build us a service process), managed services or outsourced services (i.e., manage our service processes)
  3. SCALABLE DELIVERY -ITSM is in itself a foundation. We offers ITSM expertise in addition to other services that will help your organization's network infrastructure work better, faster and easier. Our Infrastructure Services include Technology Deployment, Collaboration Services, Support Services, Information Security and Data Center and Cloud. We also offer self-paced, instructor-led, virtual and blended learning curriculums through our Learning Solutions. As a dominant leader in our field, we offer executive overviews, simulations and certifications.

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